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We will help you find the most stable investment to grow your savings. The products selected will be low risk in nature that suits your saving criteria.

Return will be 12% p.a.
Risk below 5%



We will help you find investment that can grow your capital by investing in different markets with growth potential. We can also tailor made solutions for your needs.

Return will be 24% p.a.
Risk below 15%



We will help you find investment products that can maximize your profits. A wide range of products will be selected, so as to achieve high performance with calculating risk.

Return will be above 36% p.a
Risk below 25%



Super is a dynamic mix of approach to the market, from Trend following to Breakout. The wide range of indicators supporting this strategy allow to make profit in most situation of the market, aiming for the highest performance compared to all the RBX products.

Return will be above 48% p.a
Risk below 35%

Proven Results

Our results are updated in real-time in Myfxbook, the most popular track record auditor.

Advanced Technology

Behind all the products developed, there is a core of self-learning software, watching and learning from the market 24H.

Achievable Targets

All the software are set to achieve reasonable results, without pushing the risk up in unnecessary situations.

Outstanding Performance

Our track record, and the profit/risk ratio made us one of the leading companies in the currency market, our efforts are focused remaining always at the top.


Our objective is to provide innovative solutions and create value for customers.

RBX is an investment group; with experts specialize in different areas of the market. Our experience and track records have made us what we are today – a strong and reliable partner in the financial market.
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Creating value  is our principle for good investment. We focus on selecting and creating innovative solutions to help our customers achieving the investment target that they want. We believe the innovative solution should be powerful yet easy to understand by investors. We will guide you step by step to achieve your investment goal without needing you to become an expert.
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For every investment there is a risk, “high risk high return” is the general believe in our investment world. However, in RBX we are constantly looking for solutions that can offer our customers high return with minimum or controlled risk. If the product is not developed by us, it has to pass through a series of rigid and strict analysis before we introduce it to our customers. Our products development and selection is a secret, but we can tell you more about it.


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