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Our software developers have more than 10 years experience in Algo trading. Our software provides a way to tap into our successful trading systems, allowing you to diversify your currencies portfolio whether you are an experienced trader or a newbie.
When you subscribe to our software, it will be connected to your trading account, and that every order will be replicated in your trading account in according to the Algo programming instruction.
First, you need to open a trading account with our recommended broker. Once the account is funded and subscribed to our software, it will be started within one business day.
We have a few brokers for you to select. These brokers are selected base on stringent criteria and our past relationship with them. They are all STP (Straight-Through-Processing) brokers.
Your money in your account with the broker is deposited in segregated client money accounts with banks. For example, if your account is opened with UK brokers, your money is protected by UK Government under FCA regulation with each account up to a maximum of 50,000  GBP, in the event that if your broker goes bankrupt or unable to pay.
Yes, you can withdraw your money any time. Just log into your account online and give instruction. However, it would be advisable to inform us, so that we can help you to close the open positions.
No. For it may cause problem with the security systems. It would be better to open a separate account.
Yes, our algos will auto adapt the size of transactions, in proportion to the live equity in your account.
The maximum loss is selected by customer, software will stop all the trades before the selected stop loss point.
No. All trades will stop before the selected stop point given by you.
Chances are inversely proportional to the risk, our strategies are developed to make money but we can not control the market.
We encourage customer to put stop loss on selected software as follows: RBX Grow 15%; RBX Power 25%; RBX Super 35%. Statically by end of the year, 80% of customers make profit more than 24%.
Yes some time, depend on market condition.
Always. Depending on the market situation, they may be hidden, but always there.
It is advisable to contact us, so we can close all the openi positions if you decided to stop the account.
At the point of your selected maximum loss for the account, trading will be stopped and you will be contacted immediately.
Different trading approach, and level of risk/return.
From the frequency of trading. Software with higher risk, will aim to achieve better profits, opening more transactions and trading also in volatile hours.
Yes, there is no additional charge on it, but need to take at least 24 hours to implement.
Yes. You can choose between USD, JPY, EUR and GBP, but almost all our customers choose USD for all the transactions P&L are calculated in USD.
USD 5,000 to open account.
You will receive daily and monthly statements from the broker through e-mail, which will contain the trading history and actual balance of your account as well. Also you may log in to your own Account login section in the broker website or download directly the MT4 platform.
You can see directly from the Metatrader 4 platform provided, by using smartphone or computer.
We built layers of security systems, checking in real time the balance, equity, monitoring volatility, and able to close all the operations if necessary. We also have experience trader monitoring the accounts whole day.
No. But broker will earn through the spread on transacted price.

  • We have no authority to touch your money.
  • Your broker put your money in segregated client money accounts with big banks such as, Barclays Bank or RBS.
  • You can see your account LIVE with all the trades transacted and the equity balance, by log in your account using your read only password.
  • You can withdraw your money at any time using the Online platform provided by the broker.
  • Your money is protected by respective country’s Government and regulations. For example, for brokers in UK, they are under FCA regulation with each account guarantee by UK Government up to a maximum of 50,000 GBP, in the event that if your broker goes bankrupt or unable to pay.

We can achieve much more by sharing with more customers because it is scalable, and the market is big enough to take it.
No problem! Just send an email to us and ask to stop the account operation.
We invest our own money on them and you may see from our published track records.
Just contact us directly by email or in the live chat.
The Power of Attorney is a legal document through which you will authorize RBX licensed partners to trade on your account. RBX Software does not have any other powers than trading for you. The owner of the account has exclusive access to his or her investment which means that nobody else can withdraw the funds from the account other than yourself.
A portion of rebate from spread earned by broker.
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