New Account Opening

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Please select one of our Brokers based on the payment modes, follow our step by step instructions on account opening and funding your trading account.




  for CREDIT CARD funding 


  for CREDIT CARD funding



Broker required documents:

  • Copy of the ID Card or Passport
  • Proof of Address (bank statement from the same bank account for funding)
  • Account Opening Form (download link next page)
  • POA, Power of Attorney (download link next page)

10 Years of Experience in Trading Technology Software.

RBXRBX has invested 10 years of experience in trading technology software and has developed algorithms based on Artifical Intelligence (AI) that are able to filter vast amounts of market-trading data to detect short term trends instantly. If an “up trend” is detected in a particular currency pair (for example $/€), the algorithm issues a buy order to the Currency broker.
As soon as the algorithms detect the trend is turning down, it issues a sell order to the broker to close out that trading position. The position might be open for just a few seconds, or as much as a day or two. 

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