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International trade, imports and exports, vacations abroad, on-line product purchases from overseas would all be much more difficult if there were no fast, efficient and low cost ways of exchanging foreign currencies, Dollars for Euros, Dollars for Renmimbi, Euros for Pounds, Dollars for Yen etc. Currency market enable all these essential trades to happen.

Of all investment vehicles, the Currency market is the biggest, the most liquid and the longest opened market in the world. Almost 24/7 foreign currencies are trading – every working day, from market opening in Tokyo to market closing in New York. Every day over US$5 trillion of Yen, dollars, pounds, Euros, Australian dollars, Swiss Francs and several other currencies are exchanged – to buy one currency you sell another, so they make up a currency pair, such as $/Yen or $/Euro. By definition it is a cash market, 100% liquid – wins and losses are settled instantly.

The cost of a trade is very low – around 0.01%. This is the “spread”, the difference between the buying and the selling price, so for example buying Euro for dollars might be at an exchange rate of 1.1201, and selling Euros for dollars might be at an exchange rate of 1.1200, so a spread of 0.0001. A unit change in the final digit is a “pip”, so if the Euro/$ rate changes from 1.1200 to 1.1205 that is 5 pips.

Historically the Currency markets were used only by institutional investors, corporations, governments, banks, as well as currency speculators (who make up 90% of trading volume). Trades are usually in packages of US$100,000 units.

Exchange rates might change only a few pips per day, but during a day they may fluctuate up and down many times and even tens of pips in just a few seconds, depending on the flow of buy and sell orders, which in turn can be reacted by items such as news. To make big money on such small changes, speculators buy or sell huge quantities, using borrowed money to multiply (leverage) their stake. If they are right in predicting which way the exchange will go, they can gain in seconds more than the spread and the interest on the loan; if they are wrong they can lose a substantial amount very quickly. On 16th September 1992, George Soros made £1 billion profit in one day speculating on the pound exchange rate.

The need for minimum investments of hundreds of thousands and the inherited high risks, have kept most private investors out of Currency Trading. Only recently have mechanisms opened up Currency market to enable private customers to invest freely. However, private customers have not been able to benefit from the trading tools that the professionals use to make huge profits, and statistically more than 95% of retail customers loss 100% of their capital in Currency Trading within 4 month. RBX Market has therefore decided to engage in this role, to provide the software in helping private customers to gain the advantage that only professional players use to have.

  • we help our customers leverage their own capital sensibly
  • our algo software executes trades within a fraction of a second
  • our traders have good understanding of many factors that influence exchange rate and convert their expertise into software programming
  • our software can detect and react fast to market-changing news.

In short, our software are able to convert private investors into winners.


RBX has introduced several innovations to Currency trading.

  • Powerful machine-based, self-learning Neural Algorithms designed from the ground up that trigger buy and sell signals in milliseconds

  • Buy/Sell signals based on a large number of continuously monitored technical indicators including a large number of independent trader moves

  • Stop-loss limits set by the client

  • Experienced traders continuously monitor the environment and modify Algorithm parameters in response to market conditions and cease trading altogether in times of extreme volatility.

  • 24/7 access to client account from Internet-connected devices and able to stop, restart, add or withdraw orders from client account in split second.

RBX changes this:

80% of RBX’s private investors make more than 24% profit over a 12 month period.

Our Strategies



We will help you find the most stable investment to grow your savings. The products selected will be low risk in nature that suits your saving criteria.

Return will be 12% p.a.
Risk below 5%



We will help you find investment that can grow your capital by investing in different markets with growth potential. We can also tailor made solutions for your needs.

Return will be 24% p.a.
Risk below 15%



We will help you find investment products that can maximize your profits. A wide range of products will be selected, so as to achieve high performance with calculating risk.

Return will be above 36% p.a
Risk below 25%



Super is a dynamic mix of approach to the market, from Trend following to Breakout. The wide range of indicators supporting this strategy allow to make profit in most situation of the market, aiming for the highest performance compared to all the RBX products.

Return will be above 48% p.a
Risk below 35%

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